Celebration at Thundridge!

22 December 2015


pic1In the busy lead up to Christmas, we raised almost £45 for Children in Need by not wearing our uniforms and buying home made cakes (thanks for the support parents).  The Beavers made some ‘funny heads’ with decorated marshmallows on sticks, and badges were earned when we put on an evening of ‘entertainment’ for parents and friends.  The ‘entertainment’ resulted in the usual chaos for all involved, but somehow the audience thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the pic2synchronised swimming and the Beavers ‘12 Days of Christmas’!  Well done, everyone!  The final meetings of 2015 found the Beavers celebrating with a party, and the Cubs eating their way through a Christmas Dinner at the Feathers.  Both ended with some  suitably hyper children ready for the festivities ahead. 

Well, with the festive stuff packed away, an exciting 2016 is looming for both Beavers and Cubs. We are back at the hall on 5 January 2016 when the Beavers will start celebrating their 30th Birthday during 2016 and the Cubs will be celebrating 100 years of Cub Scouting.  The Cubs will have the District Swimming Gala in January to start the year off.

I often wonder what Robert Baden-Powell would make of all the modern day badges and pic4activities we do.  What is really good is the fact that we incorporate the values that B-P taught and still hold on to many of the Scouting skills learned by Wolf Cubs in 1916 even if we use more modern tools to get the message across!  The range of badges that Beavers and Cubs can earn today is enormous and includes computers, conservation, martial arts , as well as the standard home help, swimmer, book reader etc.  All contributing to making fine citizens of our young people.  

None of the above happens without the hard work of the Leaders, Young Leaders and the support of our parents. I’d like to thank all my team who give up so much of their free time to help ‘make it all happen’ whatever we do.  As with all organisations, the Scout Movement is desperate for help in all sections.  You may think that you can’t provide any expertise in all things Scouting, but trust me you will be amazed at what you can do to help, and how much you will enjoy it. If you are interested in helping us or any other sections, or if you  have a son/daughter aged 6-10 years who would like to join us, please contact me on 01920 461582 for further information.  pic3

Jenny Matthews (Cub Scout Leader)