History of 2nd Ware

With Lord Baden-Powell introducing the first Scout Groups in 1907, it wasn’t long before Scouting had found its way to Ware and in 1910, 2nd Ware (St. Mary’s) Scout Group began. Ware had a population of just over 6,000 and we were the 2nd troop to be created in Ware because of the popularity of Scouting. Although the Scout Troop began in 1910, records were kept locally until official documents were required. The first official record that we can locate of 2nd Ware (St. Mary’s) Scout Group is in 1919 where on 1st October 1919, where we registered 25 Boy Scouts, 18 Rover Scouts andboys scouts 1919
2 Warranted Officers totaling 45.

Our name came from being the 2nd Scout Group to be formed in Ware and our link to St. Mary’s Church as the Scout Troop used ‘The Club House’ in Church Street as their base, now known as St. Mary’s Church Hall. As meetings were held in the Church Hall, at St. Mary’s Church, the Scout Troop relied heavily on borrowing equipment to enable them to do activities that they read about in Scouting for Boys.

A demand for a section for younger boys began to start and in 1916 and ‘Wolf Packs’ started to
appear all over the United Kingdom. The theme of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Jungle Book’ had been decided by Lord Baden-Powell as he was good friends and also a neighbour of Kipling. The boys would be representing the cubs in ‘The Jungle Book’ story and the leaders being known by the names of the major characters. Each meeting was to start and finish with the “Grand Howl”, a ceremony in which the Cubs greeted Akela, the Pack’s leader.


It’s not until 24th May 1927, that we find official documents detailing the first ‘Wolf Pack’ at 2nd Ware (St. Mary’s) Scout Group which registers 12 Wolf Cubs and 2 Warranted Officers. Although no name is registered for the Wolf Pack, the meeting place of ‘The Club House’ has been changed to ‘Scouts Room’ and St. Mary’s Church, implying that it was widely used for Scouting activities.




It wasn’t until 1928, when The Boys Scout Association required all groups to1928 re-register, creating what we now know as 2nd Ware (St. Mary’s) Scout Group, joining the Wolf Pack and Scout Troop together into one group, although still split into different sections. On October 3rd 1928, we registered 9 Scouts, 12 Wolf Cubs, 6 Rovers Scouts, 4 Warranted Officers, making the group total 31.

However when the Group registration was introduced there was no need to record details of individual sections with the group. The registration card records sections from 1947 until 1983 when this was stopped.


C = Cubs, S = Scouts, (S) = Senior Scouts, R = Rover Scouts, V = Venture Scouts

D = Dormant, E = Closed

C= 2 Cub Packs